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The Game

St Hockey is a team sport that is easy to take part in and play regardless of your level of expertise. You only need sneakers, helmet, hockey stick and gloves.

St Hockey events are known to bring together beginners as well as athletes and professional ice hockey players.

Events also offer various hockey related competitions for spectators and players to enjoy and DJ’s who bring a lively summer atmosphere to the events.

In 2019 St Hockey Tour welcomes new series for adults and juniors allowing us to welcome even wider group to take part in the tournaments. Please find further information of series below.

From each adults series the best teams are invited to play in the national final tournament. In Finland the finals are played in Narinkkatori, Kamppi, Helsinki city center.

In order to participate to adults series, a player must be 18 years old (or be turning 18 within the same year). Players between 16 and 18 years may take part only with a special permit from the St Hockey organization. Please contact us on if your team member requires special permit.

Please find information on prizes here.

St Hockey in a nutshell

Tournament Information

Registration is done by filling in the registration form and completing the tournament payment.

Match programs will be published during the week before the tournament and may be found under the results pages. Team line-ups need to be updated latest on the Friday before the tournament. Team line ups may be updated on tournament service pages. Further information about tournament pages and updating line-ups will be sent to the contact person of the team together with the tournament information package.

General rules on event area

On the game day each team must arrive to the event area at least 30 minutes before their first game and register their team at the St Hockey Tour office tent.

Each team must play all their games that have been marked to match program. If being late or not showing up to a game, the team will have to pay a fine of 500 € minimum.

Bringing and consuming own alcohol beverages is forbidden and security personnel has the right to intervene in drinking and other inappropriate behaviour on event area.

Changing clothes and sports gear is to be done only on a separately marked player area.

If a player or team breaks the common rules, they may be removed from the event area.

StHockey events

St Hockey tour events are two or three day tournaments organised during the weekend. Depending of the number of teams playing, the events run through 9am to 7pm.

The events run during the StHockey games and are free to the audience and spectators. The events offer a lot of activities for the audience to enjoy.

These include for example product promotions and activities offered by the sponsors, All Star games, Skill competition area, supervised playground area and a mini rink in event area, DJ wo plays music and hosts the event, so that the players as well as the spectators may enjoy a good atmosphere!

In Finland St Hockey Tour 2019 includes 7 qualifying tournaments and the final tournament. In other European countries the tour schedules is planned locally and the number of event dates will be increased based on the popularity of the events.

All Star Games

All Star games are played in each tournament and are the absolute highlight of the St Hockey events.
The participating players are well-known athletes and stars of the show business as well as other well-known media persons. However, in local tournaments, All Star games are usually build around the local ice hockey teams and stars.

One part of the All Stars game will be a NHL like skill competition where All Stars players compete against selected spectators.

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