St Hockey Rules

Game Rules

  • Players must use helmets and hockey gloves during the game. We also highly recommend lower guards and knee pads. Other equipment are allowed as well.

  • Excluding ice skates, goalies must wear a full equipment and shields similar to ice hockey goalies.

  • Players in each team must wear unified uniforms and game shirts with numbers. Each team must wear same coloured helmets.

  • St hockey games are played with official St Hockey game ball. The ball weighs approximately 80 grams and the diameter of the ball is 7 cm. The ball contains liquid that dampens the bouncing of the ball.

  • In the rink each team may have 5 players and goalie at the same time. On the rink a team may replace their goalie by 1 extra player. Maximum number of players in one team is 15 players. When a game begins, each team must have at least 5 players and a goalie at the event area and ready to play. Each team must name their Captain and the letter “C” must be shown on captains game shirt.

  • St Hockey referees condemns the games.

  • St Hockey games have 20 minutes of playing time, broken down into two 10-minute periods. Games are played with running time. Each game ends when the referee whistles.

  • Each team may change players during the running time or during a broken game.

  • If a player offenses other players in a manner that would lead to penalty, the referee will penalize the offended player for a penalty of 1 minute. During this time, the team will play short-handed. If another player from the same team, is penalized to penalty during this time, the second penalty will be replaced by penalty shot of the opposing team.

  • Minor offenses are solved by free ball. Players of the opposing team must then be at least 3 meters from the ball. Free ball will be given from the place where the minor offense was conducted.

  • Penalty shot is started from the center circle and player must move forward during the whole time. In case the game ball moves backwards, the shot will not be rejected and the player may continue.


  1. Tackling and pushing from the back
  2. High racket ( ball may be played on the level of the goals crossbar)
  3. Tripping
  4. Slashing or hitting opposing player with a stick
  5. Cross checking
  6. Tearing opposing player from their uniform or obstructing the opposing player

Red card: The referee has the right to remove a player from the rink with a red card. Player may be removed from the rink if they perpetrate the following offenses;

  1. Non-athletic behaviour
  2. Repeated offenses
  3. Harming or trying to harm the opposing player intentionally

A player who was given a red card is automatically out from the teams next game. The referee observer may handle and agree on possible longer suspensions, if needed.

Game passage

  1. Start: The game starts from marked starting points by referee dropping the ball. 1 player per each team will be at the starting point, other players of each team must be at least 3 meters from the starting point on their own half of the field.
  2. If the ball goes outside the rink, the game continues with free ball. Free ball is given from the point where the ball went out. Free ball is given to the team whose opponent sent the ball off the rink.
  3. When the goalie catches the ball, the game will be continued from the nearest starting point.
  4. After a goal game will be continued from the center circle.
  5. The game breaks are 1 minute.
  6. Solution: If a game ends to a tie in the playoffs, a 3 minute overtime will be played. Overtime starts automatically after the second round without a game break. If overtime ends to a tie, the game will be solved with sudden death penalty shots.
  7. Allowed during the games: Raising the stick, tackling a player when both players are heading to same direction (shoulder to shoulder), playing the ball from air (crossbar being the limit) with a stick or hand.
  8. Desirable in the game: Cheering your team members, airing after a goal, sportsmanship and creating an overall good atmosphere in the rink.

Team fails to participate

When registering to St Hockey event each team engages to play every game given to them on the match program. If a team fails to participate, the contact person of the team will receive a 500 € fine. The fine will be charged on a separate invoice.

Cancellation of participation

If a team cannot take part in the registered tournament, the contact person of the team must cancel 7 days before the tournament the latest. Cancellation is done by emailing The team will be refunded fully. If cancellation is done later than this, the team will not receive refunding.

Being late

If a team arrives late to a game shown on the match program, the team will lose 5-0.

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