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In 2018 St Hockey Tour expands to Europe and this year welcomes you to enjoy Street Hockey also in Sweden!

Sweden is a Scandinavian country that inhabits approximately 10 million people. Central Sweden is home to capital city Stockholm that invites people from around the world to visit.

Getting around Sweden is easy with domestic airlines and rail roads that offer you a quick and comfortable transportation across the country.

St Hockey Tour Sweden includes 3 qualifying tournament and finals. Best teams from qualifying tournaments are invited to play in the tour finals organised in Stockholm.

Please find further information under tournament cities.

Tour 2018
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St Hockey Tour Events

St Hockey Tour has been organised in Finland since 2004 and this year the tour is expanding to 4 new European countries.  In 2018 the tour will altogether include 38 event days in 15 different cities.

Expanding to Europe allows Street Hockey teams to travel abroad and take part in international tournaments.

St Hockey tour events are two or three day tournaments organised during the weekend, running approximately through 9am to 7pm.

The events run during the StHockey games and are free to the audience and spectators.  The events offer activities for the audience to enjoy.

These include e.g. product promotions and activities offered by the sponsors, Skill competition area, All Star games, DJ who plays music and hosts the event, so that the players as well as the spectators may enjoy a good atmosphere!

All Star games are the absolute highlight of the St Hockey events.

The participating players are well-known athletes and stars of the show business as well as other well-known media persons. In local tournaments, All Star games are usually build around the local ice hockey teams and stars.

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