Game & Rules

The Game

Street Hockey is a variation of ice hockey played in a rink on a non-ice surface. Street Hockey is played with a ball, hockey sticks and sneakers. The official street hockey ball is orange with diameter of 7 cm and weighs approximately 80g.

Street Hockey is a team sport that is easy to take part in and play regardless of your level of expertise. Yearly the tour and events attract people in all ages – players as well as spectators who gather to enjoy the events.

St Hockey Tour consist of qualifying tournaments from which the best teams are invited to play in the final tournament. Players and teams may take part in one or more tournaments if willing to.

St Hockey events are free for the spectators but the participating teams pay a team fee in order to play in tournaments.

In St Hockey Tour we play Men’s Series and participants have to be 16-years-old in order to take part. Maximum size of a team is 2 goalies and 15 players. If more players are to take part, the team will be considered as two separate teams.

The Rules

  • St Hockey tour welcomes men from all age groups. However, one must be 16 years old in order to play.

  • Players must wear helmets and gloves at all times during a game. We highly recommend also lower guard and knee pads. Other equipment are allowed as well.

  • One game has 20 minutes of playing time, broken down into two 10-minute periods. St Hockey is played with running time without time breaks.

  • Playoff games are settled with a 3 player shootout.

  • Similar to ice hockey 5 players and a goalie may play at once. Goalie may be replaced by extra field player.

  • Player exchanges are made on the fly or during a broken game.

  • The goalies must wear a full equipment and shields similar to ice hockey goalies (no ice skates).

  • 2 referees are preferred in final games.

  • After violation of rules a free ball is given. Players of the other team must stand 3 meters away from the St Hockey ball. This is to be shown by the referee (if needed).

  • If teams shoot the ball outside the rink, the game continues from the nearest starting point.

  • If the team who were broke still holds the ball, the referee may let the game continue. This is to be done only if the benefit is bigger than giving a free ball.

  • There are no penalties in St Hockey. Penalty worth violations are judged by giving a penalty shot.

  • When a player is being broke in good position, team is given a penalty shot. Penalty shot is to be started from the centre circle. Ball needs to forward throughout or the penalty shot is rejected and referee will cut off the performance.

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