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StHockey Tour goes International

This year St Hockey Tour will expand to Europe and events will be organised in 5 European countries. These include Finland, Estonia (Tallinn), Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.

St Hockey Tour 2018 will have altogether 38 event days in 15 different cities. This allows Street Hockey teams to travel abroad and take part in International Tournaments.

International St Hockey Tours consist of qualifying tournaments from which the best teams are invited to play in the final tournament. In future years the aim is to organise a joint Final Tournament in chosen European city.

In Finland St Hockey Tour 2018 includes 8 tournaments and Tallinn tournament is part of the tour in Finland. In each country the tour schedule is planned locally. The number of event dates will be increased based on the popularity of the events.

StHockey Tour has been organized in Finland since 2004 and the aim is to expand the concept into 17 European countries within 2018-2021.

StHockey events

St Hockey tour events are two or three day tournaments organised during the weekend. Depending of the number of teams playing, the events run through 9am to 7pm.

The events run during the StHockey games and are free to the audience and spectators. The events offer a lot of activities for the audience to enjoy.

These include for example product promotions and activities offered by the sponsors, All Star games, Skill competition area,  supervised playground area and a mini rink in event area, DJ wo plays music and hosts the event, so that the players as well as the spectators may enjoy a good atmosphere!

All Star Games

All Star games are played in each tournament and are the absolute highlight of the St Hockey events.

The participating players are well-known athletes and stars of the show business as well as other well-known media persons. However, in local tournaments, All Star games are usually build around the local ice hockey teams and stars.

One part of the All Stars game will be a NHL like skill competition where All Stars players compete against selected spectators.


Tour 2018 Destinations

Finland:Helsinki / Jyväskylä / Tallinna / Tampere / Turku / Lappeenranta / Pori / Helsinki (finals)

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